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The Next Gen of Indonesian Women

By Caring Lova on November 10, 2011

An excerpt in the middle of frolic with friend of mine a few months ago:

“I don’t  think that Indonesian women can be independent” said my Singaporean friend. He seemed very convincing about his opinion.

I suddenly shrugged my shoulders and argued, “Hmm.. Are you sure?” and added ,”You can’t generalize premise  without any relevant proof.”

“I have observed this fact based on my previous experience. They are mostly dependable, shy, risk averse, less confident, and difficult to express their minds.”

For the next thirty minutes, we kept arguing and finally he came up with conclusion, “Ok, they are a few exceptions, including yours! Perhaps you should find the way how to change the mindset of many Indonesian women” he concluded.

I was (finally) quite receptive with his opinion while kept thinking “HOW TO BUILD THE NEXT GENERATION OF INDONESIAN WOMEN”, of course in the most effective ways.

I excerpt that conversation merely because I would like to show you an incarnation of foreigners’s perspectives about Indonesian women. Unfortunately, bit by bit, I have to tell you bitter opinions about Indonesian women. As a matter of fact, it’s a common perception among them that Indonesian women are born to raise children, no more no less. I don’t want to argue that statement because there’s nothing wrong on that inherent statement. Frankly to say, instead of supporting that statement, I would reveal  several secrets of building the next generation of Indonesian women, therefore, we all know how to improve international stereotypes and appreciation of Indonesian.

Borderless World

Time flies, we are moving towards dynamic and globalization era so does the demand for women’s  competences. We are moving with faster and unprecedented speed. This is just the start of a sweeping change towards contemporary context. Everybody has realized that. World becomes flatter. Thus, competition is getting fierce around the world. We, as modern women, should embrace every opportunity to be able to compete globally, especially in this borderless world. Therefore, we should enhance our competitive advantage in order to increase our international exposure, build our international credentials, and also follow global markets and business trends.


Moreover, we live in the new generation which are demanded to do multiple roles with better quality of outcomes since women are special creatures that have possessed special skills to do multiple roles at one time. For instance: for those who have already married, you are holding so many roles: as a daughter, as a professional, as a mom, as a wife, etc. Of course, you can cope with this challenge as long as we can harmonize these multiple roles, so every portion can be fulfilled.


Today nearly 50 percent of women around the world are in the labor force. It’s a tragic fact that they are so many female Indonesian workers in abroad who mostly work only for administrative and housekeeping tasks. Basically, competency is an absolute key. Passion is an important ingredient. A habit of leadership is also imperative. All sort of these ingredients will automatically create you a strong competitive advantage which can extend the capacity of your intellectual growth. It would be excellent if you have possessed those things. So at the end of the day, you will know what role you have to play.


Discover Yourselves


Moving further, we should discover our selves, find our passions, do not ever afraid to dream high. Like the Latin Proverbs, “Alta Alatis Patent” (read: The sky is open for those who have wings).  We should harness our potentials and find the true meaning of being.


To compete globally, good communication skill necessarily does matter. We express our ideas through language, thus mastering English is a must. Do not afraid to try and expand your vocabulary. To gain mastery in English you should try to use English as much as possible.


I would share my personal experience, I have taken a test which showing that I’m a typical of linguistic person who possesses clarity of thought and potentiality to become excellent communicator and elegant speaker. Knowing that, in these consecutive years, I have been trying to learn everything that can nurture my communication skill especially in convincing someone to follow my point of view. Simply to say, I learn how to structure my thoughts, come up with succinct concept and finally communicate it through effective way. Furthermore, it would be valuable if you can speak several languages especially for the one who has planned to enter new emerging market.


Looking forward, as predicted before, in 2030 the economic power will shift from west to east region meaning that there will be a huge expansion to Asian market. Some business leaders often find it difficult and time consuming to enter Asian market. You have got all these shades of meaning and cultural face-saving devices that are a core part of communication. For instance: to survive in China market, one must have good networks and relationships in the market. The Chinese uses the term, “Guan Xi” refer to any kind of relationships: personally or bureaucratically. That’s the reasonable reason why many people attend and invest their times in mandarin courses.



Train Your Mind, Train Your Body


Finally, to complement all of explanation above, which I think, is really focused on hard-core thingy, it’s also important to mention: Kindly take care of your appearance. I barely remember  the ancient Greek philosophy saying, ‘Train your mind, Train Your Body’. Believe it or not, we communicate very strong message about who we are in first 30 seconds, even before we have chance to say anything. Genuinely, our attire is closely associated with our personality. Not to mention, dressing professionally can advance careers. Women should leverage their femininities. One important note for women: Do not suppress your femininity and imitate man. We should leverage our differences as women. Though, being smart and knowledgeable is far more important since in the workplace women should appear just as professional and capable as male counterparts. In order to stand out among the crowd, I suggest you to apply these simple principles: Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a leader.  After applying these principles above, I’m pretty sure we can improve the stereotype of Indonesian women by being able to embrace globalization and compete globally.

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