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By on December 14, 2011

Whether we say: “We CAN’T do it or We CAN do it!” it will be true in our life. I do believe on the power of “NEVER GIVE UP…!”

I believe our dream will drag our best energy to achieve it! A winner will always have problem solving and a loser will always have a reason. Let’s decide to be a winner!

First, let’s start to write our DREAM. If you can see it, you can achieve it! Be brave to set our goal, it can divided into long, medium and short term goal. Make the goal brave, but achievable and measurable.

Second, let’s define strategy to achieve our DREAM. There’s time for preparation and there’s time for performance. Don’t hesitate to learn new things and improve knowledge, it can boost our self confidence to move forward.

Third, review the progress. That’s a thin line between “never give up” or we move to wrong direction. So, keep on review and fixed it when it goes to wrong direction.

Forth, when we achieve short term goal, reward our self and move to medium term goal.

This basic foundation of “Never Give Up” spirit will also powerful in career, health and physical appearance. Example as follow: Two persons within the same education background and skill, the one who shows “never give up spirit” will make lots of trial until he / she finished his or her goal. It will make the probability his/her goal achieved bigger compare to the other one.

“Never Give Up” spirit will also influence our physical appearance. The person who have “never give up” spirit and have confidence level will show “shining performance”. His / her face will look healthy, fresh and attractive. Example as follow: Two beautiful ladies within the same age, one of them have fresh face and smile everyday while the other didn’t. Naturally the one who have positive spirit will look freshen and more beautiful compare than the other who show negative spirit.

The most important one, “never give up” spirit will also impact our health. Consider two people within the same age and within the same lifestyle, one of them showed very positive attitude in facing lots of things, whether others are groundlings and negative thinking. We can guess that the one with positive spirit live the life healthier than the other one.

Eventually this little girl - Wilma Rudolph, went on to win three Olympic gold medals

We can’t choose our surroundings, but we can choose our way of thinking and our attitude. “Never give up” spirit will have positive impact to our career, healthiness and physical appearance.


“A Plan can be failed. But without a plan, a GOAL will never be reached. So keep revised your plan until you achieved your GOAL.”


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