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Empowering Women with IT

By Caring Lova on August 19, 2011

Rapid growth of technology has made daily use IT inevitable, but how far has these technology usage affect women? How important is it for women to be able to understand technology? Is it only affecting working women in big cities? Three important questions rose from 17 women represent developing countries in Empowering Women with IT conference held at Ministry of Foreign Affair a while ago.

The questions struck me as a speaker, I stood in silent thinking,  they were right, if we see outside our bubble as working women in big cities,  there are types of women who don’t get in touch with technology, especially in Indonesia, India, and Vietnam for them technology is an alien, why should they care?

I decided to admit that their questions caught me off-guard, and we ended up discussing their questions, the result was astonishing, instead of just sharing that day, I learn new things, and most importantly I learn to thing outside my bubble, here are the results of our discussion:

Communication and Entertainment. Here are some interesting facts about women and technology. Men use technology mostly to help their productivity; women use it as communication media and entertainment. 55% of Facebook game player turns out to be women 35-45 years old, work as housewives (source: http://mashable.com/2010/02/17/social-gaming-survey/). Women admit after they use BBM they communicate better with their peers, not only friends, but with long-distance relatives, and even….in laws. The use has been extended from text based to photos and videos of children or high-school reunion.

Women like to use gadgets as accessory. Apple and Sony are two of the leading brands targeting women as their market. In short, women using technology for daily use and we have shaped better looking gadgets.

Children as Influencer. Technology might not always have direct affect on women; there are women who probably never got a chance to touch a computer mouse in their life. But, it will soon and surely touch the next generation after. And as women who mostly destined to be mothers, we are obliged to at least know about these things. Literate mother raised more educated children. The same with technology, if mothers understand the appropriate way to use technology, their children who will born as a “digital native” will have better guidance and thus have better use of IT. You might enjoy playing videogames with your kids.

Village Women Too. Women living in big cities have more chance to get in touch with gadgets, but this fact didn’t limit the expansion of technology growth. With more and more network companies, such as telcos and internet providers expanding their coverage area, more and more remote places able to enjoy IT through internet usage. Soon, women in village and small towns will send emails and use internet banking transactions. (ref: http://goo.gl/HyqjJ)

So, with all above facts, let’s reach out to all women and teach them how to use technology, introduce it as a tool that can make their life easier, before you know it, your mom will send you digital invitation for a family reunionJ.

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